Significant Hedge Fund and Assett Management Knowledge

Our founders have an extensive understanding of most investment disciplines, with substantial knowledge of hedge fund strategies and mechanics. This includes portfolio construction, performance metrics, leverage, risk management, derivatives, stock selection, and hedging. As such, THINK Partners facilitates high value-added discussions with both managers and investors.

t Due Diligence

Our extensive due diligence process is required before we take on a mandate. Through our process, we pick the best of breed asset managers. Our relationships with investors are differentiated because the institutional investor community knows that any manager we represent has completed our thorough approval process.

t Global Market Expertise

Our founders have worked in both US domestic and international markets and their experiences put them in a unique position to understand and explain global investment opportunities.

t Proprietary Networks

Built over long careers, our founders have their own proprietary networks. These include investment managers, institutional investors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, high-net worth investors, family offices, broker/dealers, and consultants. Our networks are leveraged for the benefit of our asset management clients and institutional investors.

t Superior Asset Managers

Our managing partners have worked with many prominent investors over the years and those experiences allow our firm to have introductions and access to best of breed managers.

t Investment Advisory Board

We have developed a team of thought leaders from the investment management industry, which not only assist in the strategic direction of THINK Partners, but also provide introductions to investors and managers. Unique in the third party marketing industry, our advisory board brings significant insight and opportunities to our clients and our firm.

t Technology

As professionally trained salesman, our managing partners understand the process of selling and how to leverage technology to greatly enhance productivity and outcomes.

t Tailored Approach

THINK Partners provides a unique and customized approach to each engagement. Each plan focuses on connecting the right investors to the right managers for a mutually beneficial outcome.

t Passion

Our founders have long histories of performance and leadership. We focus our energy and passion toward positive outcomes for both managers and investors.