Why THINK Partners – Investment Managers

  • We act as an alternative to hiring internal sales staff, or a complimentary partner    to an existing sales & marketing department.

  •  t We support the manager by allowing them to focus on what they do best - manage    the portfolio

  •  t We provide a "fixed" sales & marketing budget, relying primarily on
        incentive-based compensation

  •  t We are a partner to assist in launching new initiatives, reaching new channels
       or market segments

  •  t We have a universe of over 4000 institutional investors

  •  t We have state-of-the-art infrastructure

  •  t We generate a bespoke plan for each investment manager
  • .

    Why THINK Partners – Investors

    •  t We perform comprehensive due diligence on all managers before entering in to
         an engagement

    •  t We limit our engagements to best of breed managers

    •  t We control the number of managers we represent

    •  t We connect investors with asset managers that meet their investment criteria